Buyer Alert: $300 Surgical Loupes

What is the difference between these $300 loupes and your SheerVision loupes?

There are many companies now importing surgical loupes and dental loupes from China – and that sell them around the $300-$400 range. There are many of them out there. Most are just one-person companies operated on a part-time basis. 

From what I do know about these competitors – their only advantage is on the initial offering price. So, if price is your only concern – go for it.

Please be aware that these companies have to be cutting the corners in several areas of quality and service. This is true especially when it comes to the optics they are offering. Surgical loupe optics are created from many components, with each having a cumulative effect on performance. Some are extremely difficult to get focused. Some claim a 2.5x magnification when they actual performance is much less. Others are extremely heavy in comparison to the loupes offered by SheerVision and the other well-recognized companies in the marketplace.

Here’s a buyers guide for what to look for when purchasing loupes:
A. Optical quality – in addition to what was noted above the optics normally have performance limitations especially in the areas of field-of-view, depth-of-field, and especially weight. If your loupes are not comfortable you won’t wear them and its just money down the drain. 
B. Many of these companies offer a very limited selection of working distances – often just regular and long size. SheerVision offers a short, regular, long, and extra-long version for each of its loupe models. If you find you are not comfortable with your new loupes (you find yourself leaning in to close or leaning too far back) and you will need to replace that loupe model with second model with a different working distance.
C. Some of these companies have a very limited range of frames. SheerVision offers three sizes of its lightweight yet durable titanium frame, along with an oval and a square shape. A one-size-fits-all frame is not really possible. Our SV Sport frame includes adjustments for the height of your nose, and allows for the insertion of prescription lenses, when most of the competitors do not. The front shield is also replaceable if it becomes scratched or damaged.
D. SheerVision offers lens prescription services to those customers that normally wear glasses. If you wear prescription glasses to work today, you will need prescription lenses with your loupes.
F. SheerVision offers customized Through-the-Lens (TTL) loupes. Some companies offer a very poor quality imported one that is not customized to you, but to a few sizes, each of which in a limited number of working distance settings.
F. Loupe-mounted head lights are starting to be the standard of care for most dentists and dental hygienists. Often with a no-name brand you may not be able to find a light down the road that will mount properly to your loupes. SheerVision also offers special deals for loupe and light packages.
G. SheerVision sets the focusing (convergence) for each of our flip-up loupes before the leave us. We do this as we know that is a chore for any user to attempt to set the convergence for each barrel as is true with the low priced loupes.
H. Our latest flip-up hinge designs have proven to be very durable after years and years of continuous improvement. .
I. Make sure your supplier is stable and reputable, as if they go out of business and your loupes need warranty service you will be left in the cold. SheerVision’s technical team can repair damaged loupes within 24-48 hours. 

We also recommend that you take advantage of a trial-period with your new loupes. Make sure they meet your needs for performance and comfort. Again, if you can’t wear your loupes immediately and become comfortable with them during your “break in” period then make sure you get a new set that you can feel great about.

Finally, if price is your key factor in making a purchase then please consider our line of Valu-Max renwed dental loupes, surgical loupes, and headlight systems.  These products all include a one-year warranty and a 30-day trial period.  They are priced at a significantly lower price than our new products, and are renewed to be as good as new.  The great majority of Valu-Max loupes and headights are ones that were returned before the end of a previous customer’s 30-day trial period, and thus SheerVision does not sell these items as new.  More infomation on our Valu-Max items can be found here:

Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail so that we can discuss your needs further and provide you with additional information.


Martin Chaput
SheerVision, Inc.
US/Canada Toll Free (877) 678-4274
International 1 310 265-8918

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